Your January Health Talk Schedule

It’s a new month and that means new classes at Schwarz Wellness Center!

All health talks are held at Schwarz Wellness Center unless otherwise stated. Check them out below!

Breast & Full Body Thermography

Monday January 14, 2019 

Want more information on Thermography? Watch this Dr. Hillary Smith, D.C., DHM, C.C.T.

Thermography is a painless, non invasive, state of the art clinical test that can detect the subtle physiologic changes that accompany breast pathology, whether it is cancer, fibrocystic disease, an infection, or a vascular disease. There is no exposure to radiation. Used as part of an early detection program, thermal imaging gives women of all ages the opportunity to increase their chances of detecting breast disease at an early stage.

By appointment only.

Please call The Breast Thermography Center at 844.268.7226 to schedule an appointment.

Want more information on Thermography? Watch this video.

Health Through Micro-circulation

Tuesday January 22, 2019 @ 6:30 PM

By Naturopath, Pamala Kay Schwarz

How to Achieve Healthy Microcirculation – Did You know that the average adult has 75,000 miles of micro-vessels in their body?  74% of your blood moves through these vessels. It the circulations is not adequate, then you starve your cells of oxygen and nutrients. As a result, you can develop countless disorders Poor microcirculation can result in the following conditions:
Acne – Pustular and Cystic
Bed Sores
Eye Disease
Hair Loss
Herpes Zoster – Anywhere in the body
Heart Attack
Impaired Brain Function
Kidney Impairment
Liver Disease (Fatty Liver)
Multiple Sclerosis
Pain – anywhere in the body
Poor Bone Healing
Poor Wound Healing

This is only to name a few complications. Research done in the last 15 years now shows how important it is to improve microcirculation so that your cells receive the necessary oxygen and nutrients to thrive and heal damaged cells. Pamala Kay Schwarz, Naturopath will share recent studies that show improved microcirculation equates to improved health. She will also education you on how you can improve your circulation. Lack of proper circulation can be the root cause of many disorder. RSVP required


Cost: Free!

Essential Oils for Cancer Treatment Support

Wednesday January 30th @6:00 PM 

By Pamala Kay Schwarz, Naturopath and 

     Lara Carlos, Wellness Advocate


Have you ever wondered what is the historical significance of the oils we use? Why was Frankincense and Myrrh brought to the Christ child over 2,000 years ago?  Join me as we learn the answer to these questions and many more! You will learn the history of specific oils, how they were used, where they come from and how we can use these oils in the present day. This class has changed the way that I relate to the POWER and possibility of oils, and I am ecstatic to be able to share that knowledge with you!



Learn what essential oils are, how they can help you thrive through cancer treatments and how to get them into your home at wholesale. 

Cost: Free!

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